Frequently asked Questions


+ How do we get started with advocacy services?

Your IEP Source overs a variety of services and resources to meet your needs. Some families find speaking with an advocate in a phone conference to clarify special education procedures provides sufficient information to meet their needs. For families seeking more individualized support, a record review and consultation can provide you with specific next steps to address your child’s special education programming. Attendance at school meetings is available for families seeking support in IEP, 504, or other school meetings. A free consultation call can help you to determine which level of support best meets your needs. You can book your free consultation online at

+ Can I get a free consultation?

Your IEP Source offers a free 20-minute consultation for potential clients. You can book your free consultation online at

+ Are your services covered by my insurance?

Your IEP Source provides special education consulting and advocacy services. We do not provide medical services so insurance will not pay for or reimburse for your services.

+ Can my child see one of your advocates for psychological services as well?

In order to avoid dual relationships, we do not provide psychological services and advocacy services to the same client/student. If you are interested in psychological services instead of advocacy services, please visit the website of our affiliate Lightway Psychological Services.

+ Do we have to travel to your office for meetings?

It is not necessary to travel to our office for meetings. Phone conferences are available to meet your needs. Phone conferences are available and can be booked at

+ Do you attend school meetings?

Your IEP Source advocates do attend school meetings with established clients. This includes IEP, 504, Student Support Team (SST), Manifestation Determinations, or other school meetings. Scheduling for school meetings typically requires coordination of schedules of many people. It is recommended that you contact your advocate several weeks in advance to schedule school meeting attendance.

+ Are you available for workshops, trainings, or other events?

Yes! We are available for speaking engagements to educate families on special education services. We are also available to speak to school staff about how to make the IEP process run smoothly for families and how to remain in compliance with rules and regulations. Please call 404-530-9872 or email to discuss you needs.

+ How do I schedule an appointment?

The easiest way to book an appointment is to use our online scheduling system at You can book free initial consultations, 30-minute or 45-minute phone consultations, or records review appointments online. Established clients may contact their advocate directly to schedule meeting attendance.

+ Do I have to pay a retainer fee for your services?

You do not have to pay a retainer fee for services with Your IEP Source. Consultations and other services are priced individually or as packages so that you are not surprised by charges for hourly fees.

+ What payment methods are accepted?

Your IEP Source accepts all major credit cards. The scheduling website will prompt you to use make payment at the time of booking. Sliding scale fee arrangements are available on a limited basis.